One Girl, Two Boys and a Kitchen

Girl’s nickname is Cat; the boys are Thing 1 and Thing 2

It’s been about 11 years since I’ve had time to myself. It’s really kind of weird to be sitting here writing. It’s been soooo long. But finally, I believe Cat, Thing 1 and Thing 2 are trained and responsible help with kitchen clean up duty. About a month ago I started a system of 2 kids do the dishes (a washer and a drier). That went pretty well. Except the kid who had the “night off” heckled the working siblings.
Hmmm… What to do about that?
I know! No more nights off! The third child will vacuum! BTW, the house came that way. Carpet in… Every. Room.
Yep…bathrooms too.
The kids will rotate duties, vacuum, dry, wash. That was going pretty well. I’ve actually watched the evening news a few times. Read some books (Takedown Twenty-had on reserve at 2 different libraries so I could get a copy ASAP!)
The new issue became, showers. Nobody wanted to start the showers. Everybody wanted some TV time that kitchen duty had cut into.
Hmmm… What to do about that?
I know! The vacuum cleaner cannot do their job until the other 2 are done. So, a couple of nights ago we established that the vacuum cleaner would shower first, then the washer, and finally the dryer. This is our 3rd night following this routine. Cat, Thing 1 & 2 are testing boundaries.
That’s okay.
Test away.
In a few weeks this… Will. Be. Routine.


5 thoughts on “One Girl, Two Boys and a Kitchen

  1. I love how you are giving your children jobs around the house. It is so beneficial for the children and obviously for you as the mom when they have duties in the household.

  2. What would boundaries be if they weren’t given a test “once” in a while to see how strong they are and where their direct location is? Good to see other parents learn by trial and error. I have learned so much by my mistakes rather than the things that worked. I guess we need to remember that as teachers at school, as well. We do learn more by our failure and mistakes, I believe. I love your writing style and the humor. We have to have it as true teachers at home and at other job.

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