For the past 2 weeks in my class we have really been practicing getting just right books, or good fit books.  Most everyone gets the idea that they need to read these good fit books to increase their reading abilities.  Most don’t even need some gentle nudging from me.  However, there are a couple students that have yet to make the connection.  There is onestudent in particular that will read aloud to me and struuuugggle.  When I ask if they can tell me about the book the response is usually, “Well, uhh, Well, uhhh”.

“Is this a good fit book for you?” I gently ask.

“Oh yes, this is a great book! I can read it.” the boy responds enthusiastically nodding his head.

I don’t know what to say.  I don’t want to discourage, but he’s slowing himself down with this book that he is clearly not ready for. 

I put a book in hands and ask him to give a try.  The next day he said it was pretty good and asked to take a test on it.  He did, and made 100% on the test.  We were all excited and cheered for him. 

“What would you like to read next?” I ask

“Oh, I’m gonna finish this one,” he says picking up his book that he has been struggling with. 

“Would you like to pick another book to take home with that?


“Okay,” I smile.

You know the old saying “You can lead a horse to water”…. I will keep this water trough full of good fit books.


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  1. I read all your posts and shared the challenge you found in choosing a name. I too read The Book Whisperer and read as many books as I could so I could put just the right one in my studdents hands. Why is carrying around Percy Jackson like wearing an Olympic medal even if you truly can’t read it. Keep the water trough full!

  2. I love how you ended the slice with a “trough of good books.” I have experienced this and felt the same way. Good luck with leading the horses. I think you need to make those horses really really thirsty.

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