Snow Day, Heart Memory

“Mom! Your phone was ringing,” Cat said as she handed my cell to me.  Her eyes danced with hopefulness as she waited to hear the news of school cancelled.

“It was my school.  It’s cancelled tomorrow.”

“Will I have school tomorrow?”

“I doubt it.”  Sure enough an hour later the other school was cancelled for today too.

I’m excited.

Yes,  I know we have missed a lot of school.

Yes, the children need to be in school.

And yes, I love teaching.

But there is just something about the unexpected day.  It’s like playing hooky without getting in trouble.

One of my favorite snow days was a few weeks ago.  The kids played movie theater.  They wouldn’t let me in the blue room (family room with some serious blue carpet) until the theater was all set up.  They set up a concession stand, closed all the blinds and got the DVD ready. 

When the popcorn was popped and sodas poured, the usher, Thing 1, led me to the concession stand.  Thing 2 was behind the counter and did an excellent job of preparing my snacks.  Thing 1 then led me to my recliner. 

When everyone had their snacks and drinks, the announcer, Cat, went through a few theater rules.

  1. You spill it, you clean it.
  2. Turn off all electronical devices.
  3. There will be a brief intermission in an hour for more snacks.

Cat then introduced the movie Epic. 

While the movie was entertaining, it is the memory of my children playing together that makes my heart smile.  Hopefully, prayerfully, there will continue to be these heart memory kind of days.


6 thoughts on “Snow Day, Heart Memory

  1. wow, I love your writing style…the list and the rhythm of your words. I can’t to hear what kind of memories are in the works for today. Have fun! (nothing is urgent today)

  2. Sorry, I am not checking for words from above, let me try again. Wow, I love your writing style..the list, the rhythm of your words. I can’t wait to hear what kind of memories you are making today. A cafe, an amusement park, maybe even a one-room schoolhouse…have fun!!! (Nothing is urgent today.)

  3. What a great memory! What a great slice- I love how you unfolded the story and took us along on the journey of that day. Bonus for a great idea from your kids. 🙂
    I may have to lead that one with my kiddos someday.

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