A Day of Sledding

Most of the housework is done.  The kids are just itching to get outside and go sledding.  Once they are all bundled up, they grab their sleds trek over to the perfect hill. 

 There is so much sleet and ice under the snow they are flying.  I’ve never seen them go so fast.  This went on for over an hour.  It was cold, but so much fun!  I knew the fun would be over soon, so I got out the Hershey’s Cocoa and started the hot chocolate. 

Sure enough, as I was starting to cook the cocoa, Cat runs up the back steps jabs at the door bell, yanks open the door and yells, “Mom, Thing 1 is hurt! There’s blood!”

You know the moment, your heart stops.

“What? Where is he?” And I see him.  He’s standing in the back yard so I know nothing is broken.  He shuffles through the snow and up the steps.  He looks alright I’m thinking and then he starts to tell me what happened.  Then I see the bloody lip and teeth and scraped up chin. 

“Cat said I was bleeding.” he says with pitiful eyes. 

“It looks like you busted your lip and scraped your chin pretty good.  How did that happen?”

“Thing 2 came down the hill right at me and I tried to move but couldn’t get out of the way!”

I took care of Thing 1.Then everyone got cleaned up, drank some hot chocolate and enjoyed a movie together. 


7 thoughts on “A Day of Sledding

  1. Love so many things about this slice, I can hear your voice. I especially liked the intro-most of the housework is done, it really works. I also liked the line and could totally relate, “your heart stops-you know the moment.” So glad you are slicing.

  2. Your word choice and writing make this slice so real. I love Thing 1 and Thing 2. And I can relate to the part about “he’s standing… so I know nothing is broken…”

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