Call it a Day

Shortly after 9A.M. I entered the Cell Phone store to replace my phone.  It was shortly after 1P.M. before the transaction was complete and new phone was working.  That’s right 4 hours! 

My phone would occasionally have issues. About 4 weeks ago it began to have issues daily. Finally, the “home” and “back” buttons went out permanently 2 weeks ago.  For the last 2 weeks I have had to restart the phone to get out of anything. 

Of course it’s 2 months past the warranty.  I did not have insurance on the phone. I figured the money I spent on insurance, I could save and put towards a new phone IF needed.

Only took about 15 minutes to have my account looked up and decide on a phone.  Well, that phone would not work on the plan because it had been activated once before. Huh?

Okay, second choice seemed to be going okay with the account.  Then the Agent’s screen froze. 

“This has never happened before.” she smiles.  “Must be the new program.  You’re the first one I’ve completed.”

I smile.

She restarts the whole process. And again the screen freezes in the exact same spot.

“This is really odd.” and her hand trembles a little.

“It’s ok.  My kids aren’t with me so I have some time.”

She goes to a different computer. And again the screen freezes in the exact same spot.

She makes some calls.  I’m thinking “The Chase by Janet Evanovich is in the van. Would it be rude if I go get it?” I decide to stick it out. Surely it won’t be much longer.  Little did I know.

She tries a fourth time. And again the screen freezes in the exact same spot.  She finally faxes my contract to someone and sends an email. 

“We just have to wait now until someone okays it.” She smiles nervously.  “Would you like a coffee, or something?”

“If you don’t mind, I think I will walk over to Starbucks.” I say thinking about the skinny little banana I had at 5:30 this morning. 

“Here! Thank you for being so patient with me.” she practically throws one dollar bills at me. 

I head over to the Starbucks and get us both Skinny Vanilla Lattes.  I pay for my own feeling sorry for the girl.  It really is the luck of the draw on those walk-in customers. 

Finally after 4 hours, the installation was approved, and I now had a working phone. 


4 thoughts on “Call it a Day

  1. Everyday frustrations are surely a slice of life! Hope writing this one out took a bit of the sting out of such a crummy task.

  2. Enjoy the phone, you paid for it twice. Once with cash, and then your time. How aggravating to have issues on something that should be simple.

  3. I loved the connection to “The Chase.”, the dialogue, the reference to your skinny banana at 5:30 a.m. You really took an experience many of us can relate to and brought it to life. The repetition of the “screen freezing” works in your story. Enjoy your phone again!

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