Stubborn Tooth

Thing 2 comes running into the blue room with dental floss wrapped around his remaining top loose tooth. 

“Pull it! Pull it! Pull it!” he says jumping up and down to Thing 1.  Thing 1 grins.  He tries to tie the floss but it’s just too slippery. 

“Wait here, I’ll be right back,” Thing 1 says as he runs off.  He comes back with a paper towel explaining he needs to get a better grip.

The look of concentration on Thing 1’s face was pure determination.  While Thing 2’s eyes would sometimes go wide, with a mumbled “Ahhhh”.  Finally after 5 minutes of tugging, Cat wanted a go at it.  After all, she plans to be a dentist. 


“Ohhhh!”  They all grinned and chuckled.

“We’re getting close.  That was just a root.” Cat said.

This went on for another 5 minutes and poor Thing 2 couldn’t take anymore. 

“Alright! That’s enough.  We’ll try again tomorrow.” Thing 2 was a little disappointed that the Tooth Fairy would not visit tonight.  But she will come visit, soon.


4 thoughts on “Stubborn Tooth

  1. You really are mastering dialogue. It really works for this slice and using the sound word POP. This was one of my favorites. My favorite line is “after all, she wants to be a dentist.”

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