Read Aloud Memory

Recess is over.  The children are in their lines. The soft sound of tennis shoes accompanies the children as they parade into the school under the watchful eyes of those class monitors, lined up along the blacktop. Watching to zero in on any classmate talking, just waiting to point and pull them out of line. 

As you enter the building and come around the corner you smell the freshly popped popcorn waiting for you.  Everyone is sniffing and oohing and ahhing.  The sight at your desk, sitting on a brown paper towel is a mound of popcorn.  Everyone goes straight to their seats. There’s no running around or lingering conversations.  It’s popcorn time.  It’s read aloud time. The teacher picks up “The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankenweiler”. 

This is a favorite school memory of mine.   This is why I dragged my Stir Crazy Popper to school yesterday.  We celebrated National Read Aloud Day on Friday because of snow day on Wednesday. 

“Hey! What is that?” so many wondered

I chuckled, “That is my popcorn popper.”

“How? What? “You can make popcorn….like that?”

I set it up and pour the oil.  Next comes the CLINKKKK, CLINKKK, CLINNKKS of the kernels hitting the surface of the popper.  The stirring rod begins to move around, just as the children move around to better see this new novelty.




“Look at that! It’s popping!” They are truly amazed.

I fill brown lunch sacks of popcorn for each child. We settle in by the campfire. I pull out Patricia Polacco’s, “Aunt Chip and the Great Triple Creek Dam Affair”.

And make a memory.


7 thoughts on “Read Aloud Memory

  1. What a special memory for you to share with your students. I hope that they continue to pass that memory along in their future classrooms. I am sure there will be some students who are inspired to become teachers after having you as their teacher. I just love how the dialogue flowed so naturally through this piece.

  2. My cousin once told me she was done giving gifts. Instead she was going to give memories–make memories with the people she loved and cared about. Your last line brought that home for me. Love that you take the time to pop popcorn for students and share around a good story.

  3. What an experience you gave your kids! The novelty of the popcorn popper caught their interest first, then the flavor of the snack, but best of all the words of a wonderful author.

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