CBS interviewed a man named Malcom London who channels his anger into poetry. 

I’m not angry, but thought I’d try a quick write at poetry.

Signs of Spring

Longer days

Wood pile diminished

Sunshine and laughter today,

Wind and rain tomorrow

Well it’s a start.  I don’t read poetry very often.  My only poetry books are Shel Silverstein and one anthology that I’ve thumbed through. 

Any suggestions for books of poetry?


10 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. I appreciate your sharing of your poem. I think it’s simple but says a lot. I know there are formulae and such, but I think poetry comes from the heart. Well done! ( I wasn’t brave enough to call mine poetry. I labeled it a “rhyme.”)

  2. Here are a few to look for, Valerie Worth, All the Small Poems and Fourteen More, any books by Doug Florian. Great poem, keep writing. Check out Kim at Learning Tour Writing Stop. She is a master poet.

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