A Good Day for Reading

What a day for reading.  Local college football players and gymnasts visited our small school to celebrate Missouri Read-In day.  The athletes gave up a spring break Friday to visit classrooms and read to the students. 

After lunch, Football Player 1 came in with 2 other players.  The 2 players were looking a little nervous. After receiving their map of the building the conversation went like this.

Football Player 2: “Are teachers expecting us?”

Me: “Yes.”

Football Player 3: “Can we stay together, or do we have to go in alone?”

Me smiling: “You can stay together if you want.”

Football Player 1: “No man, we can get to more rooms and read to more kids if we go by ourselves!”

Football Player 1 had his confidence and knew how great it would be.  You see, he had already spent the morning going into most of the Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade classes.  He was a celebrity!  Children begged for his autograph, which he good-heartedly gave.  I also heard of many fist-bumps, and oohs and ahhs “that’s a quarterback”.

When the football players left, there was no sign of the earlier nervousness.  It was all replaced with smiles and the air around them was filled with a personal excitement that they made a difference today.

It was an extremely tremendous, stupendous day for readers, athletes and teachers.


7 thoughts on “A Good Day for Reading

  1. I really think kids need leaders like this alot more making connections with them. I like how you wrote one part of it like a play; it added to the slice.

  2. He was a celebrity! Children begged for his autograph, which he good-heartedly gave. —-Love this, such a great experience for the players and the littles!!
    “Had his confidence and knew how great it would be.” this line struck me happily.

  3. They say that the older mentor often benefits more than the younger mentee. . .I’m sure it was a great life experience for those young athletes. How fortunate for everyone at your school!

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