Confessions of a Book Snob

I would never pick up a Sci-fi or Fantasy book.  It just wasn’t for me… or so I thought.  About the time the 3rd Harry Potter book came out I happened to catch Katie Couric talking about the series.  I finally gave in and started Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. 

I abandoned it in a few pages. 

Tried again about 6 months later… and abandoned it again.

You know the saying “the 3rd times the charm”… the 3rd time I stuck with it.  About halfway through, I couldn’t put it down.  I loved Harry Potter.  Of course I went on to read the whole series.  But Harry Potter was the exception to Fantasy books.  There’s no way I would enjoy any other Fantasy books. No way.

Fast forward a few years and there’s this vampire series all the teachers are talking about.  Really? A vampire love story?  Not for me. 

I stroll into the local used book store and there are those Stephanie Meyer vampire books.  The first 2 at least.  The 3rd wasn’t out yet. 

Ughhh. Okay. I’ll give it a try. So I buy book 1.  The nice little saleslady asked, “Would you like to buy book 2?”

“No. I’m just giving this a try.  This isn’t reallly the kind of book I like to read.” I smile.

She smiles right back, “Are you sure? I don’t know anybody that hasn’t loved it!”

“I’m sure, thanks.”

I read the first book in 2 nights.  Made an excuse to run back into town to buy the 2nd book.

Then when book 3 came out, I didn’t even wait for paperback or get on the “hold” list at the library.  I bought the hardback and devoured it.

I now find myself cruising the young adult side of the library looking for the next great read. 

Whatever the genre may be. 


5 thoughts on “Confessions of a Book Snob

  1. I have the series (borrowed from a friend) but have never cracked the cover. I was about to give them back, but now you may have convinced me to give it a try. I can’t believe it took you three tries to get into Harry Potter. I loved them! Have you read Hunger Games books? I was a hold out, then gave in and she swept me away. Check into Jennifer Nielsen’s The False Prince. It is a trilogy and the 3rd one just came out. The first two were entertaining. I understand the book snob. Not so much any more?

  2. Oh being a book snob. I had a student that I read books with and some of the books he had me try were waaaay outside my comfort zone- but he was right and I loved most of them. Guess sometimes it’s worth that third try?

  3. Yes, I have been known to be a book snob. I liked how you use dialogue and mix up the length of your sentences. You need to try Hunger Games series.

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