Slice of Life

“She…began sorting through the black-covered diaries placing them on the shelves above the desk one at a time in order like small slices of her life.” This is from Roland Smith’s Cryptid Hunters series “Tentacles”. 

“Wow,” I thought.  It seems slice of life is everywhere.  Why am I just now getting on board with this?  I am thrilled to be on board, and thrilled about the discoveries I am making.

  • many new tech/apps to experiment with
  • blogging
  • how much I miss scrapbooking
  • how my scrapbooks will begin to look
  • how my writing style is evolving
  • how I like to quick write my thoughts, then go back and develop

So thankful for my friend who has encouraged me to participate in this slice of life challenge.



3 thoughts on “Slice of Life

  1. I am so glad I have a friend to enjoy this with and really “get” the importance and impact this can have our families at home and our writing family at school. Love how you made the connection with the book. I am learning that writing brings people together and closer. I realize how important feedback is and being able to share. I am making sure we make time for a class share, team share, or partner share each day at the end of workshop.

  2. I tried to get you to understand this. See what I mean? This kind of writing changes you as a teacher and noticer of life. I’m glad you jumped in. 🙂

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