A Family Hunt- Part 1

I’m getting ready to Scrapbook and am starting with the journaling first.  Here’s the story of my youngest son’s first deer hunt. It was a hunt we will never forget.

3:15 Family heads off into the woods. Cat and Thing 1 will hunt with Dad. Thing 2 is hunting with me.

3:30 We split up at Thing 2’s hunting spot at the edge of a clearing. I look at my watch knowing we should have been here an hour ago.

3:31 Thing 2 and I are sitting on a log. We know it’s going to be a long wait.

3:32 Decide to move back to a bigger, more comfortable looking log.

3:33 As shifting back to log, I notice movement on the other side of the clearing.

That can’t possibly be a deer this soon. But it is.

“There’s a deer.” I whisper.

“Where?” he asks, while looking hard.

“Shhh!! On the other side of the clearing.” Thinking we’re going to spook it for sure.

“I think you’re seeing things,” he whispers, shaking his head.

“Ummm, I left the gun at the first log. I’m going to get it.” I take my eyes off the deer and slowly reach out for the gun.

3:34 Deer steps out of woods. Heads straight to us.

“You really did see a deer. And it’s a buck!”

“Quiet. Ready?”

Thing 2 has the deer in his sights.

“Wait a minute. I never loaded it.”

3:35 Get the gun loaded. Deer is now trotting right towards us.

“Ready to shoot?”

With confidence he says, “Ready.” One second later, BANG!

Deer drops.


In my shocked amazement, I jump up and yell, “Holy Shit! You really shot the deer! And dropped it right there!” I looked at my watch, it has only been 5 minutes.

We high fived, hugged and he says, “That was awesome! I can put meat on the table. I always want to hunt with you mom.”

My heart flutters and I think, ha daddy.

He goes on to say, “You said holy shit!”

Hmm. Yes… yes I did.


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