Slice of Life

The 7:20 bell just rung so I head to my doorway to greet children as they come down the hall. Mrs. K is just a few feet away, across the hall greeting children. She gently reminds a couple boys that it’s “polos only” in the restroom.

Kyle is a gentle-bear of a boy. Always polite, and a happy soul to be at school. He’s just one of those kids that needs a little help with organization.

Today, Kyle is wearing an over-sized, solid black, fleece sweatshirt zipped all the way up. He heads back into Mrs. K’s room to slip it off. As I’m standing there wondering “Huh, I wonder what happened that the boys are being monitored so closely.”

Kyle comes out to Mrs. K.

“Ummm, Mrs. K.,” he says and pulls the neck opening of his zipped up sweatshirt out, looks down at himself and says, “I forgot to put a polo on.” Then darts his eyes back up at her with a total look of ‘oops’.

It took all I had, not to spew my coffee everywhere.

Oh, Bless his heart.


4 thoughts on “Slice of Life

  1. That is hilarious. I had a student who would always mismatch and be backwards. He had to get dressed in the dark to not wake his little brother. 🙂

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