Ten girls, one ball, and 2 refs on the court, and oh so many moms, dads, grandparents, aunt, uncles…. well, you get the picture.

It is an absolute pure joy to see how confident Cat has become.  The first game, the first time she stepped on the court she was a bundle of nerves. And so was I. Sitting in the stands, I wanted to run down the bleachers and tell her it was alright.  I didn’t. I knew she would eventually calm down and be alright.  And so would I.

Tonight, she played strong. And I felt strong.

Tonight, she smiled and laughed. And I smiled and laughed.

Tonight, I had a glimpse of the young woman she will grow into…




And I am blessed.


6 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. Indeed, that is something to celebrate: not the win, nor the loss, but the glimpse into the young women she is becoming in front of your eyes. Wonderful post full of love.

  2. I love how you gave us a glimpse of the future you see for and in your child. These are the best moments – when you suddenly see your child as the person they will become…

  3. This brought tears…I can relate so much to my young lady. Keep enjoying those moments, trust me and you will blink and she will be a young woman. You really were able to weave a beautiful short slice with a lot of craft. I love what you did with the ending, three powerful adjectives in a playful way. I also like how you bounced and repeated with you and her. Relationships are so much like dancing.

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