Popcorn Memory

Coming down the hall you can smell the freshly popped popcorn.  Smiles light up the hallway and little claps of joy can be heard as we turn into the classroom.  There it is, the big brown grocery bag filling up with popcorn.  Everyone knows to go straight to their seats.  Someone is needed to pass out the cheap brown paper towels. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Yes!

Pull, pull, rip.

Pull, pull, rip.

Pull, pull, rip.

Added to this is the sound of salt and popcorn being shaken in that glorious brown paper bag.

Paper towels passed out and here she comes around the room scooping out the salted popcorn.

This is one of my favorite memories from school years.  As I think about my favorite memories, it strikes me that they are not about particular lessons.  They are the popcorn afternoons, Abbot & Costello movie in the library (and if we were good, we got to see it backwards), my mom dressing up in a full bunny costume to help with RIF, and of course Play Day.


6 thoughts on “Popcorn Memory

  1. Love this! There are popcorn memories in every school building. A few years ago, one of our aides decided she didn’t want to pop popcorn anymore. Oh the drama! Meetings with principals, hurt feelings, friends not speaking for a while. It’s over now, thank goodness, but how silly.

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