Discovering Stories Inside You

Looking through the scrapbooks I think the layouts are pretty good. The kids really love going through the scrapbooks and looking at the pictures and reading the short little captions.  Those short little captions are what I considered “journaling” at the time.

Now, I’m rethinking that. I want to add to each little page.  There was so much more feeling going on, and more to the story, than what the caption suggests.

The kids are starting to get that they have stories inside them too. Last night after writing, they let me know if the story was right or night and were so excited that their story would go into a scrapbook.

“I have a story about me!” Thing 1 said.

“Great let’s hear it!” I said.

He told me a story. It was good. I suggested we write it down.

“No, not yet.” he responded.

That’s okay. Realizing  you have stories in you is the first step.


A Family Hunt- Part 1

I’m getting ready to Scrapbook and am starting with the journaling first.  Here’s the story of my youngest son’s first deer hunt. It was a hunt we will never forget.

3:15 Family heads off into the woods. Cat and Thing 1 will hunt with Dad. Thing 2 is hunting with me.

3:30 We split up at Thing 2’s hunting spot at the edge of a clearing. I look at my watch knowing we should have been here an hour ago.

3:31 Thing 2 and I are sitting on a log. We know it’s going to be a long wait.

3:32 Decide to move back to a bigger, more comfortable looking log.

3:33 As shifting back to log, I notice movement on the other side of the clearing.

That can’t possibly be a deer this soon. But it is.

“There’s a deer.” I whisper.

“Where?” he asks, while looking hard.

“Shhh!! On the other side of the clearing.” Thinking we’re going to spook it for sure.

“I think you’re seeing things,” he whispers, shaking his head.

“Ummm, I left the gun at the first log. I’m going to get it.” I take my eyes off the deer and slowly reach out for the gun.

3:34 Deer steps out of woods. Heads straight to us.

“You really did see a deer. And it’s a buck!”

“Quiet. Ready?”

Thing 2 has the deer in his sights.

“Wait a minute. I never loaded it.”

3:35 Get the gun loaded. Deer is now trotting right towards us.

“Ready to shoot?”

With confidence he says, “Ready.” One second later, BANG!

Deer drops.


In my shocked amazement, I jump up and yell, “Holy Shit! You really shot the deer! And dropped it right there!” I looked at my watch, it has only been 5 minutes.

We high fived, hugged and he says, “That was awesome! I can put meat on the table. I always want to hunt with you mom.”

My heart flutters and I think, ha daddy.

He goes on to say, “You said holy shit!”

Hmm. Yes… yes I did.

Family birthday

The house had been picked up, dusted and vacuumed. The table was pulled out with all the leaves put in.  Plus an extra card table set up.  The younger children would eat at the table downstairs.  We were ready for mom’s 74th birthday.

As soon as prayer was done, the line to fill plates formed.  Everyone ate, talked and caught up with each other.  After eating, the kids played outside until they heard, “Time for cake and ice cream!”  Then they came tearing into the house. 

Oreo cake and homemade butter pecan ice cream for everyone! 

It. Was. Delicious.

Great day filled with family and food.

Could it be Spring?

The sun was shining. Temps were in the upper 50’s. Slight breeze blowing.  And the kids were relishing in it!  Could it be that Spring really is here? 

We had a jumble of 10 children from the ages of 7 to 11 over this afternoon.  They were inside the house for, maybe, 10 minutes.  The rest of the time it was all outside. They played kickball, catch, tag, and of course, chase the girls.

It never occured to me to find the sunscreen.  There was so much sun today, there are some real sunburns.  It’s been so long. 

“What’s wrong with my face?”

“You actually got a sunburn today.”

“Is it summer?”

“No. It’s the beginning of spring.”

Finally, as everyone is snuggling down into their pillows I hear, “My neck hurts.”

“That’s the sunburn. Did you enjoy the day?”

“Oh yeahhh.”

Slice of Life

This is tough.  I look up and see his chin start to quiver.  My own eyes fill up with emotion.  I look away and see Carla.  Huh, she buried her dad 6months? 8 months ago?  There’s Mark.  He’s lost both parents.  There’s John. His dad. There’s Katie, both parents.  There’s Lana. Her dad.   My father-in-law.

When did this start happening?

Slice of Life

“She…began sorting through the black-covered diaries placing them on the shelves above the desk one at a time in order like small slices of her life.” This is from Roland Smith’s Cryptid Hunters series “Tentacles”. 

“Wow,” I thought.  It seems slice of life is everywhere.  Why am I just now getting on board with this?  I am thrilled to be on board, and thrilled about the discoveries I am making.

  • many new tech/apps to experiment with
  • blogging
  • how much I miss scrapbooking
  • how my scrapbooks will begin to look
  • how my writing style is evolving
  • how I like to quick write my thoughts, then go back and develop

So thankful for my friend who has encouraged me to participate in this slice of life challenge.


Confessions of a Book Snob

I would never pick up a Sci-fi or Fantasy book.  It just wasn’t for me… or so I thought.  About the time the 3rd Harry Potter book came out I happened to catch Katie Couric talking about the series.  I finally gave in and started Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. 

I abandoned it in a few pages. 

Tried again about 6 months later… and abandoned it again.

You know the saying “the 3rd times the charm”… the 3rd time I stuck with it.  About halfway through, I couldn’t put it down.  I loved Harry Potter.  Of course I went on to read the whole series.  But Harry Potter was the exception to Fantasy books.  There’s no way I would enjoy any other Fantasy books. No way.

Fast forward a few years and there’s this vampire series all the teachers are talking about.  Really? A vampire love story?  Not for me. 

I stroll into the local used book store and there are those Stephanie Meyer vampire books.  The first 2 at least.  The 3rd wasn’t out yet. 

Ughhh. Okay. I’ll give it a try. So I buy book 1.  The nice little saleslady asked, “Would you like to buy book 2?”

“No. I’m just giving this a try.  This isn’t reallly the kind of book I like to read.” I smile.

She smiles right back, “Are you sure? I don’t know anybody that hasn’t loved it!”

“I’m sure, thanks.”

I read the first book in 2 nights.  Made an excuse to run back into town to buy the 2nd book.

Then when book 3 came out, I didn’t even wait for paperback or get on the “hold” list at the library.  I bought the hardback and devoured it.

I now find myself cruising the young adult side of the library looking for the next great read. 

Whatever the genre may be. 

True Joy

His little fingers were crossed sooo tight. His eyes were full of hope. He kept watch toward the front of the church, expecting to see his sister come and get him to serve for the Stations of the Cross.
With just a couple minutes to spare, he turns to me with tear in his eyes and says, “I guess Father didn’t need me tonight,” and lays his head on my shoulder. “You’re still a little young to be an altar server. You’re time will come.”
Then his sister is there smiling and waving at him to come on.
His face lights up, the joy is absolutely radiating from him.
He comes out with the servers and Father.
He holds the candle, stands tall and focuses on each Station of the Cross. When they come to the station that is close to my pew, the joy still radiates from him.

A Good Day for Reading

What a day for reading.  Local college football players and gymnasts visited our small school to celebrate Missouri Read-In day.  The athletes gave up a spring break Friday to visit classrooms and read to the students. 

After lunch, Football Player 1 came in with 2 other players.  The 2 players were looking a little nervous. After receiving their map of the building the conversation went like this.

Football Player 2: “Are teachers expecting us?”

Me: “Yes.”

Football Player 3: “Can we stay together, or do we have to go in alone?”

Me smiling: “You can stay together if you want.”

Football Player 1: “No man, we can get to more rooms and read to more kids if we go by ourselves!”

Football Player 1 had his confidence and knew how great it would be.  You see, he had already spent the morning going into most of the Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade classes.  He was a celebrity!  Children begged for his autograph, which he good-heartedly gave.  I also heard of many fist-bumps, and oohs and ahhs “that’s a quarterback”.

When the football players left, there was no sign of the earlier nervousness.  It was all replaced with smiles and the air around them was filled with a personal excitement that they made a difference today.

It was an extremely tremendous, stupendous day for readers, athletes and teachers.